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Installing LATEX2HTML


To install LATEX2HTML you MUST do the following:
Specify where Perl is on your system.
In each of the files latex2html, texexpand, pstoimg, install-test and makemap, modify the first line saying where Perl is on your system.


Some system administrators do not allow Perl programs to run as shell scripts. This means that you may not be able to run any of the above programs. In this case change the first line in each of these programs from


# *-*-perl-*-*
    eval 'exec perl -S  $0 "$@"'
    if $running_under_some_shell;


Copy the files to the destination directory.
Copy the contents of the texinputs/ directory to a place where they will be found by LATEX, or set up your TEXINPUTS variable to point to that directory.


Run install-test.
This Perl script will make some changes in the latex2html file and then check whether the path-names to any external utilities required by latex2html are correct. It will not actually install the external utilities. install-test asks you whether to configure for GIF or PNG image generation. Finally it creates the file which houses pathnames for the external utilities determined earlier.

You might need to make install-test executable before using it.
Use chmod +x install-test to do this.

You may also need to make the files pstogif, texexpand, configure-pstoimg and latex2html executable if install-test fails to do it for you.


If you like so, copy or move the latex2html executable script to some location outside the $LATEX2HTMLDIR directory.


You might want to edit latex2html.config to reflect your needs. Read the instructions about $ICONSERVER carefully to make sure your HTML documents will be displayed right via the Web server.
While you're at it you may want to change some of the default options in this file.
If you do a system installation for many users, only cope with general aspects; let the user override these with $HOME/.latex2html-init.

Note that you must run install-test now; formerly you could manage without. If you want to reconfigure LATEX2HTML for GIF/PNG image generation, or because some of the external tools changed the location, simply rerun configure-pstoimg.
change_end 98.1

This is usually enough for the main installation, but you may also want to do some of the following, to ensure that advanced features of LATEX2HTML work correctly on your system:

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