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     Getting LATEX2HTML

One way LATEX2HTMLmay be obtained is through one of the three Comprehensive TEX Archive Network (CTAN) sites. They are located at
* US
United States:,
* UK
United Kingdom:
* DE
In the directory tex-archive/support/latex2html/ should be the latest version, as a compressed archive.

There are also many mirrors. To find the nearest to you, get a listing via the command:

The site at is a convenient alternative for European users. This is connected to the developer's repository, so should always have the most recent release.
change_end 97.1


Alternatively, a compressed tar file of the source and related files may be obtained via anonymous ftp to

Two other ftp-sites are:


Other ftp-sites nearer to you can be found using Archie at or (faster) or more recent Web-searching tools such as FTP search in Norway.
Warning: Some ftp-sites may not carry the latest version.


Updates and patches are posted on the LATEX2HTML server at
change_end 98.1

For users of Windows NT, there is a port of LATEX2HTML obtainable from Obtain the release from this site and follow the instructions in the accompanying file README.win32.
Thanks to   Fabrice Popineau for this work.
In future it is planned to merge this code with the main distribution.
change_end 97.1

Finally there is the LATEX2HTML developers' CVS repository, at
The files to be found here are the most up-to-date with current developments, but they cannot be guaranteed to be fully reliable. New features may be still under development and not yet sufficiently tested for release. A daily updated compressed archive of the developers' work may be downloaded from

Warning: Use the files from this site at your own risk.

change_end 97.1


Having obtained a compressed tar version, save it into a file latex2html-98.1.tar.gz say, then extract its contents with

% gzip -d latex2html-98.1.tar.gz
% tar xvf latex2html-98.1.tar

You should then have the following:


... script24
Initially written by   Robert S. Thau, completely rewritten by   Marek Rouchal and   Jens Lippmann.

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