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Recent Publications

F. Hynne, S. Danø and P. G. Sørensen:
`A functional dynamics approach to modelling of glycolysis'
To appear in Function and regulation of cellular systems: experiments and models (eds. A. Deutsch, M. Falcke, J. Howard, W. Zimmermann) in Birkhauser, Basel, 2002. Preprint: [gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF].

A.J. Pons, F. Sagues, M.A. Bees and P. G. Sørensen:
`Quantitative Analysis of Chemoconvection Patterns in the Methylene-Blue-Glucose System'
J. Phys. Chem. B 106 (2002) 7252-7259. [link].

F.G. Jensen, J. Sporring, M. Nielsen and P. G. Sørensen:
`Tracking target and spiral waves'
Chaos 12 (2002) 16-26.

S. Danø, F. Hynne, S. De Monte, F. d'Ovidio, P. G. Sørensen and H. Westerhoff:
`Synchronization of glycolytic oscillations in a yeast cell population'
Faraday Discussions 120 (2001) 261-275. [link].

F. Hynne, S. Danø and P.G. Sørensen:
`Full-scale model of glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae',
Biophys. Chem. 94 (2001) 121-163. Preprint: [gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF]
Run the model from the Java Web Simulation (JWS) database of kinetic models. Model description file for chem: [glycolysis.des].

M. Hildebrand, H. Skødt, and K. Showalter:
`Spatial Symmetry Breaking in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction with Light-Induced Remote Communication',
Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 (2001) 088303 [PDF]

M. Kaern, M. Menzinger and A. Hunding:
`Segmentation and Somitogenesis Derived from Phase Dynamics in Growing Oscillatory media',
J. theor. Biol. 207 (2000) 473-493 [PDF]

A. Hunding and R. Engelhardt:
`Self-Organization and Evolution in a Simulated Cross Catalyzed Network'
Origs. Life Evol. Biosphere 30 (2000) 439-457 [PDF]

M. Ipsen, L. Kramer and P.G. Sørensen
``Amplitude equations for description of chemical reaction-diffusion systems''
Physics Reports 337 (2000) 193-235    [Abstract] [Summary] [PDF]

S. Danø, F. Hynne and P. G. Sørensen
``Dynamics of Yeast Cell Populations''
Physical Chemistry 2000, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (2000) 12-19 [gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF]

M. Ipsen and P.G. Sørensen
``Finite wavelength instabilities in a slow mode coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau equation''
Phys.  Rev.  Lett. 84 (2000) 2389-2392    [Follow this link to read abstract or download the article]

A.J. Pons, F. Sagués, M.A. Bees, and P. G. Sørensen
``Pattern Formation in the Methylene-Blue-Glucose System''
J. Phys. Chem 104 (2000) 2251-2259

M. Ipsen, F. Hynne and P. G. Sørensen
``Amplitude equations for reaction-diffusion systems with a Hopf bifurcation and slow real modes''
Physica D 136 (2000) 66-92

S. Danø, P.G. Sørensen og F. Hynne
`` Sustained oscillations in living cells''
Nature 102 (1999) 320-322      [MEDLINE]

E. Mihaliuk, H. Skødt, F. Hynne, P.G. Sørensen, K. Showalter
``Normal modes for chemical reactions from time series analysis''
J. Phys. Chem. 103 (1999) 8246-8251

M. Kærn and A. Hunding
``The effect of slow allosteric transitions in a coupled biochemical oscillator model''
J. Theor. Biol. 198 (1999)  269-81.    [MEDLINE]    [Follow this link to read abstract or download PDF file]

A.C. Andersen, U.G. Jørgensen, F.M. Nicolaisen, P.G. Sørensen and K. Glejbøl
``Spectral features of presolar diamonds in the laboratory and in carbon star atmospheres''
Astron. Astrophys. 330 (1998) 1080-1090

M. Kærn M and A. Hunding
``Dynamics of the cell cycle engine: Cdk2-kinase and the transition into mitosis''
J. Theor. Biol. 193 (1998)  47-57.    [MEDLINE]     [Follow this link to read abstract or download PDF file]

A. Hunding and M. Kærn,
``The Effect of Slow Allosteric Transitions in a Simple Biochemical Oscillator Model''
J. Theor. Biol. 191 (1998) 309-322     [Follow this link to read abstract or download PDF file]

M. Smrcinová, P.G. Sørensen, J. Krempasky and P. Ballo
``Chaotic oscillations in a chloroplast system under constant illumination''
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 8 (1998)

M. Ipsen, F. Hynne and P.G. Sørensen
``Systematic derivation of amplitude equations and normal forms for dynamical systems''
Chaos 8 (1998) 834-852.

K. Nielsen, P.G. Sørensen, F. Hynne and H.G. Busse
``Sustained oscillations in Glycolysis: An experimental and theoretical study of chaotic and complex periodic behavior and of quenching of simple oscillations''
Biophysical Chemistry 72 (1998) 49-62    [MEDLINE]

Thesis Collection

A quantitative description of glycolysis by normal forms by Jesper Schmidt. (2000).
[gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF].

Glycolytic Oscillations in Yeast Cells by Sune Danø. (1999).
[gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF].

Kinetic Spectrometry by Henrik Skødt. (1999).
[gzip'ed PostScript][PDF].

Emergent Percolating Nets in Evolution by Robin Engelhardt. (1998).

Biochemical Reaction Systems. From Elementary Chemical Reactions to Self-Regulation of Biological Systems by Mads Kærn. (1997).
[gzip'ed PostScript] [PDF].

Modelling Pattern Formation in Reaction Diffusion Systems by Robin Engelhardt. (1994).

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