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Packages and Style-Files

Similar to the document-class mechanism described in the previous section, LATEX2HTML provides a mechanism whereby the code to translate specific packages and style-files is automatically loaded, if such code is available. For example, when use of a style such as german.sty is detected in a LATEX source document, either by the translator looks for a corresponding .perl file having the same file-name prefix; e.g. the file $LATEX2HTMLDIR/styles/german.perl. If such a .perl file is found, then its code will be incorporated with the main script, to be used as required.


This mechanism helps to keep the core script smaller, as well as making it easier for others to contribute and share solutions on how to translate specific style-files.
The current distribution includes the files to support the styles listed in the table below. These provide good examples of how you can create further extensions to LATEX2HTML.
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: Supported LATEX2HTML style-files.
 .perl file Description 
alltt   Supports the LATEX2e's alltt package. 
amsfonts   provides recognition of the special AMS font symbols. 
amsmath   same as amstex.perl. 
amssymb   same as amsfonts.perl. 
amstex   Supports much of the AMS-LATEX package (not yet complete). 
babel   Interface to german.perl via the babel package. 
changebar   Provides rudimentary change-bar support. 
chemsym   defines the standard atomic symbols. 
color   Causes colored text to be processed as ordinary text by LATEX2HTML. 
colordvi   supports the Crayola colors. 
enumerate   supports structured labels for enumerate environments. 
epsbox   Processes embedded figures not enclosed in a figure environment. 
epsfig   Processes embedded figures not enclosed in a figure environment. 
floatfig   Processes floating figures. 
floatflt   Processes floating figures and tables. 
foils    Supports FoilTeX system. 
frames   Provides separate frames for navigation and footnotes. 
francais   Special support for the French language, same as french.perl. 
french   Special support for the French language. 
german   Special support for the German language. 
germanb   Special support for the German language, same as german.perl. 
graphics   Supports commands in the graphics package. 
graphicx   Supports the alternate syntax of graphics commands. 
harvard   Supports the harvard style of citation (same as fnnharvard.perl).
heqn   Alters the way displayed equations are processed. 
hthtml   gives an alternative syntax for specifying hyperlinks, etc. 
htmllist   Provides support for fancy lists.
justify   supports paragraph alignment--no longer needed.
latexsym   supports the LATEX symbol font. 
lgrind   macros for nice layout of computer program code. 
longtable    supports use of long tables, as a single table. 
makeidx   provides more sophisticated indexing. 
multicol   suppresses requests for multi-columns. 
natbib   Supports many different styles for citations and bibliographies. 
nharvard   Supports harvard-style citations, using natbib. 
seminar   for creation of overhead-presentation slides. 
supertabular   supports use super-tables, as an ordinary table. 
texdefs   Supports some raw TEX commands. 
verbatim   Supports verbatim input of files. 
verbatimfiles   Supports verbatim input of files, also with line-numbering. 
wrapfig   Supports wrapped figures. 
xspace   Supports use of the xspace package and \xspace command. 
xy     Supports use of the XY-pic graphics package. 
The problem however, is that writing such extensions requires an understanding of Perl programming and of the way the processing in LATEX2HTML is organised. Interfaces that are more ``user-friendly'' are being investigated. Some of the techniques currently used are explained in a later section.

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