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What's New in version 3.7

Gnuplot version 3.7 contains many new features. This section gives a partial list and links to the new items in no particular order.

1. fit f(x) 'file' via uses the Marquardt-Levenberg method to fit data. (This is only slightly different from the gnufit patch available for 3.5.)

2. Greatly expanded using command. See plot using.

3. set timefmt allows for the use of dates as input and output for time series plots. See Time/Date data and timedat.dem.

4. Multiline labels and font selection in some drivers.

5. Minor (unlabeled) tics. See set mxtics.

6. key options for moving the key box in the page (and even outside of the plot), putting a title on it and a box around it, and more. See set key.

7. Multiplots on a single logical page with set multiplot.

8. Enhanced postscript driver with super/subscripts and font changes. (This was a separate driver (enhpost) that was available as a patch for 3.5.)

9. Second axes: use the top and right axes independently of the bottom and left, both for plotting and labels. See plot.

10. Special datafile names '-' and "". See plot special-filenames.

11. Additional coordinate systems for labels and arrows. See coordinates.

12. set size can try to plot with a specified aspect ratio.

13. set missing now treats missing data correctly.

14. The call command: load with arguments.

15. More flexible range commands with reverse and writeback keywords.

16. set encoding for multi-lingual encoding.

17. New x11 driver with persistent and multiple windows.

18. New plotting styles: xerrorbars, histeps, financebars and more. See set style.

19. New tic label formats, including "%l %L" which uses the mantissa and exponents to a given base for labels. See set format.

20. New drivers, including cgm for inclusion into MS-Office applications and gif for serving plots to the WEB.

21. Smoothing and spline-fitting options for plot. See plot smooth.

22. set margin and set origin give much better control over where a graph appears on the page.

23. set border now controls each border individually.

24. The new commands if and reread allow command loops.

25. Point styles and sizes, line types and widths can be specified on the plot command. Line types and widths can also be specified for grids, borders, tics and arrows. See plot with. Furthermore these types may be combined and stored for further use. See set linestyle.

26. Text (labels, tic labels, and the time stamp) can be written vertically by those terminals capable of doing so.

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