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There is a mailing list for gnuplot users. Note, however, that the newsgroup


is identical to the mailing list (they both carry the same set of messages). We prefer that you read the messages through the newsgroup rather than subscribing to the mailing list. Administrative requests should be sent to


Send a message with the body (not the subject) consisting of the single word "help" (without the quotes) for more details.

The address for mailing to list members is:


Bug reports and code contributions should be mailed to:


The list of those interested in beta-test versions is:


There is also a World Wide Web page with up-to-date information, including known bugs:


Before seeking help, please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list. If you do not have a copy of the FAQ, you may request a copy by email from the Majordomo address above, ftp a copy from


or see the WWW gnuplot page.

When posting a question, please include full details of the version of gnuplot, the machine, and operating system you are using. A _small_ script demonstrating the problem may be useful. Function plots are preferable to datafile plots. If email-ing to info-gnuplot, please state whether or not you are subscribed to the list, so that users who use news will know to email a reply to you. There is a form for such postings on the WWW site.

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