Why are oscillations interesting?

Having an oscillating system means having data containing information in time. This added resolution can give you extra knowledge of the system under study.

Combining theories from nonlinear dynamics with experiments on oscillating systems has turned out to be a powerful tool, that gives you insight to the chemical kinetics of the entire reaction system.
Such experiments are known as , and were developed by Finn Hynne and Preben Graae Sørensen.
A new way of investigating complex chemical reaction systems has been devised by Henrik Skødt and coworkers.

I am applying the quenching method on the yeast cells. As long as the cellular make-up is the same, i.e. as long as the yeast cells are grown the same way, the obtained knowledge applies equally well to the yeast cells in non-oscillating states.

Oscillations in glycolysis are also seen in other cell types like muscle or heart. Therefore lessons learned from glycolytic oscillations in yeast might even have great importance in the general understanding of metabolism.