The Center for Molecular Reaction Dynamics and Laser Chemistry was created in February 1994 through an SNF-grant (The Danish Natural Science Research Council) under the SNF-program: "Naturvidenskab mod år 2000."

Chemical reactions occur on timescales down to femto second
(10-15 sec.). It has always been an experimental dream to be able to follow the processes directly in time. This goal has been achieved by the invention of ultrafast spectroscopy. The experimental technique is relatively recent, less than 20 years old. One of the goals of the Center for molecular reaction dynamics and laserchemistry is to introduce this experimental expertise in Denmark.

The possibility of probing molecular processes on the real time axis is also ideal for the interplay between theoretical and experimental efforts in understanding of chemical reactivity. The reason being that the theoretical apparatus developed has in fact focused upon the calculation of "time resolved" quantities.

New areas such as laser control of chemical reactions, laser induced surface processes, probing of the "transition state", femfto second chemistry in clusters, proton transfer reactions and solvent effects are opening up with the new spectroscopic possibilities.

Thus the study of molecular reaction dynamics finds a broad application and significance not only in chemistry but also in biological systems. It is the purpose of the activities experimentally as well as theoretically to develop the tools necessary for obtaining insight in the dynamics of chemical processes in simple as well as complex systems. In this manner we provide the necessary data for understanding and modelling of systems under nonequilibrium conditions. Conditions which are present in e.g. interstellar and atmospheric chemistry, combustion, catalytic reactions, plasma chemistry, etc. Thus the study of elementary reaction dynamics will have decisive importance for the understanding of many technological processes.

The Center consists of the following senior scientists:

    Gert Due Billing, University of Copenhagen
    Carl Nyeland, University of Copenhagen
    Robert Wilbrandt, Risø
    Niels Engholm Henriksen, Technical University of Denmark
    Flemming Yssing Hansen, Technical University of Denmark
    Kurt Mikkelsen, University of Copenhagen
    Søren Rud Keiding, University of Aarhus
    Nis Bjerre, University of Aarhus
    Ole Sonnich-Mortensen, University of Odense
    Frank Jensen, University of Odense

Secretary: Mette Fogh Kolmos, University of Copenhagen

Representative of the Danish Natural Science Research Council in the Center Committee:

    Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, The University of Aarhus
    Christian Lohse, The University of Odense

Converted by Mette F. Kolmos & Thomas Lorenzen