European Workshop on Glycolysis

December 8-9, 2000

Department of Chemistry and CATS

University of Copenhagen

Recent research on the biochemistry as well as the dynamics of glycolysis has provided new insights into this classical biochemical system. The possibility of merging the detailed biochemical understanding with the description of the behaviour of the system using nonlinear dynamics makes glycolysis a unique system.

The goal of the workshop is to fuel this process by bringing together scientists from biochemistry, biotechnology and nonlinear dynamics. The workshop will consist of informal lectures and discussion sessions, and is sponsored by the Danish Graduate School in Nonlinear Science and the Centre for Chaos and Turbulence Studies (CATS).

Everybody is welcome. Please pass the word! Do not forget to notify us in advance if you plan to participate.
The workshop takes place in room A105 at the H.C. Ørsted Institute, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 København Ø.

Graduate students can apply for financial support by contacting Preben Graae Sørensen before November 15, 2000.

Organizers: Preben Graae Sørensen and Sune Danø, Dept. of Chemistry & CATS, Univ. of Copenhagen.