Sixth Announcement

Theme school in the ESF Reactor Program

Methods for Realistic Modelling of Large and Complex Chemical Systems

Dates and location:

May 30 to June 2 at Dalum Landbrugsskole, Odense , Denmark

Scope and background:

The realization of the importance of a quantitative understanding of chemical systems involving a large number of elementary reactions, has spread from the traditional field of combustion kinetics to life sciences and atmospheric systems. In practical applications the reactions are coupled to transport of chemical species by diffusion, convection or conduction. A complete mechanistic description of such systems is in most cases an impossible task, and in practice the complexity has to be reduced by elimination of inessential details. In some cases this can be done in the classical way simply by throwing away reactions and species of minor importance, but in general more sophisticated methods must be applied to avoid loosing the quantitative faithfullnes of the reduced models. The theory of nonlinear dynamics have given some hints to new approaches involving systematic methods for reduction of complexity. An important part of the reduction process is to relate the predictions of the models to experimental data. Obviously the models are supposed to describe all known experimental data, but the use of data obtained from carefully designed experiments can sometimes facilitate the reduction process. The use of special designed reactors may also reveal essential system behavior.

The goal of the workshop is to describe the state of art in complexity reduction, and to give the participants an opportunity to get practical experience with numerical methods used in this field. The organizers have invited a number of people with practical experience from experimental investigations or modelling of complex chemical systems. A part of the meeting will be committed to practical work in front of a computer. There will be opportunity for presentation of posters and for 10 minutes poster talks. The meeting will end with a general discussion of the results presented in the talks and in the posters.

Invited speakers:

Accomodation/travel and registration

Accomodation is free for the participants, but the number of participants is limited to 60. There is a limited number of travel grants available to students and young researchers. Please apply before April 25.

Deadline for registration is May 14, 2002. Registration by e-mail to the address below.


Local organizers: Preben Graae Sørensen from the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen and Lars Folke Olsen from the Southern University of Denmark. The workshop is a part of the Reactor program financed by the European Science Foundation.

Enquiries and registration:

Lars Folke Olsen, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark
Phone: +45 6550 2482 , e-mail:, homepage:

Preliminary program

Thusday, May 30    
Registration:   16.00-17.30
Dinner:   17.30-18.30
Introduction: Preben Graae Sørensen 19.00-19.30
Lecture: Alison Tomlin title and abstract 19.30-20.15
Discussion:   20.15-20.30
Lecture: Carsten Knudsen
Discussion:   21.30-21.45

Friday, May 31    
breakfast:   7.30- 8.30
Lecture: Tamas Turanyi title and abstract 9.00- 9.45
Discussion:   9.45-10.00
Lecture: Mads Ipsen 10.00-10.30
  Continuation studies of partial differential equations  
Discussion   10.30-10.45
Coffee break   10.45-11.15
Lecture: Michael Stich title and abstract 11.15-11.45
Discussion   11.45-12.00
Lunch:   12.15-12.30
Lecture: Martin Falcke 13.00-13.45
Discussion:   13.45-14.00
Lecture: Juergen Zobeley 14.00-14.30
Discussion:   14.30-14.45
Coffee break:   14.45-15.15
Poster presentation: poster abstracts 15.15-17.30
Dinner:   17.30-18.30
Short presentations:   19.00-21.00
Social gathering   21.00-22.00

Saturday, June 1    
Breakfast:   7.30- 8.30
Bus departure for SDU   8.45
Computer session and Coffee   9.00-13.00
Lunch:   13.00-13.30
Bus departure (DL)   13.45
Lecture Igor Schreiber title and abstract 14.00-14.45
Discussion   14.45-15.00
Lecture: Allan Gross title and abstract 15.00-15.45
Discussion:   15.45-16.00
Coffee break:   16.00-16.30
General discussion:   16.30-17.30
Dinner:   17.30-18.30
Poster session poster abstracts 19.00-21.00
Sunday, June 2    
Breakfast:   7.30-8.30