Scientific research:

Biological cybernetics, i. e. self-organization and autonomous control in biochemical feedback systems.

Study of oscillations and waves, simulations of biochemical networks, bifurcations in nonlinear biochemical reaction-diffusion systems, spontaneous biological pattern formation and morphogenesis, Turing patterns.

The main activities are in the context of physical-chemistry studies of Ilya Prigogine's school (the Brussels group): The results have been presented in invited talks, among these a number of NATO workshops organized by the Brussels group and others, and in Brussels under EU's ERASMUS program.

  • Representative papers:

    A. Hunding, F. Kepes, D Lancet, A Minsky, V. Norris, D. Raine, K. Sriram, R. Root-Bernstein: 'Compositional complementarity and prebiotic ecology in the origin of life',

    BioEssays 28 pp 399-412 (2006) Article (PDF 357K)
    A. Hunding: 'Microtubule Dynamics may Embody a Stationary Bipolarity Forming Mechanism Related to the Prokaryotic Division Site Mechanism (Pole-to-Pole Oscillations)',

    Journal of Biological Physics 30 pp 325-344 (2004) Article (PDF 137K)

    A. Hunding, G. Ebersbach and K. Gerdes: `A mechanism for ParB-dependent waves of ParA, a protein related to DNA segregation during cell division in prokaryotes',

    Journal of Molecular Biology 329/1 pp 35 - 43 (2003) Article (PDF 291K)

    A. Hunding and M. Ipsen: `Simulation of waves in calcium models with 3D spherical geometry',

    Mathematical Biosciences 182/1 pp 45 - 66, (2003), Article (PDF 404K)

    M. Kaern, M. Menzinger, R. Satnoianu and A. Hunding: `Chemical waves in open flows of reactive media: Their relevance to axial segmentation in biology',

    Faraday discuss. 120, pp 295-312, (2001) Article (PDF 484K)

    M. Kaern, M. Menzinger and A. Hunding: `Segmentation and Somitogenesis Derived from Phase Dynamics in Growing Oscillatory media',

    J. theoret. Biol. 207, pp 473-493, (2000) Article (PDF 642K)

    A. Hunding and R. Engelhardt: `Self-Organization and Evolution in a Simulated Cross Catalyzed Network'

    Origs. Life Evol. Biosphere 30 (5): pp 439-457, (October 2000). Article (PDF 147K)

    M. Kaern and A. Hunding: `Dynamics of the cell cycle engine: Cdk2-kinase and the transition into mitosis', J. theoret. Biol. 193, pp 47-59, (1998) Article (PDF 223K)

    A. Hunding and M. Kaern: `The Effect of Slow Allosteric Transitions in a Simple Biochemical Oscillator Model', J. theoret. Biol. 191, pp 309-322, (1998) Article (PDF 319K)

    A. Hunding and R. Engelhardt: `Early Biological Morphogenesis and Nonlinear Dynamics', J. theoret. Biol. 173, pp 401-413, (1995) Article (PDF 601K)

    A. Hunding: `Nonlinear Dynamics in Biochemical Control Systems', in`Parallel Scientific Computing', eds. J. Dongarra and J. Wasniewsky, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp 312-317, (1994)

    A. Hunding: `Modeling Spatial Pattern Formation in Drosophila , Comments Theoretical Biology 3, pp 141-167, (1993)

    A. Hunding, S.A. Kauffman and B.C. Goodwin: `Drosophila Segmentation: Supercomputer Simulation of Prepattern Hierarchy', J. theoret. Biol. 145, pp 369-384, (1990)

    A. Hunding and M. Brons, `Bifurcation in a Spherical Reaction-Diffusion System with Imposed Gradient', Physica D, 44, pp 285-302, (1990)

    A. Hunding: `Spontaneous Biological Pattern Formation in the Three-Dimensional Sphere: Prepatterns in Mitosis and Cytokinesis', in H. Haken, ed: `Evolution of Order and Chaos in Physics, Chemistry and Biology', Springer Series on Synergetics, Vol 17, pp 100-111, (1982).

    A. Hunding: `Possible Prepatterns Governing Mitosis: The Mechanism of Spindle-Free Chromosome Movement in Aulacantha Scolymantha', J. theoret. Biol., 89, pp 353-385, (1981)

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