Second Announcement:
International Graduate Course and Mini symposium on

Microtubule Dynamics  and  Protein Waves in E. coli


Time and Place:

Friday-Saturday May 24-25,  2002 , at the H.C.Ørsted Institute, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Copenhagen

Background and Scope:

  Protein waves governing cell division in prokaryotes have recently been modeled using well established concepts from non-linear dynamics describing self-organized pattern formation. Oscillations and waves have also been recorded and modeled for microtubule dynamics (linked to cell divison in eukaryotic cells). The goal of this event is to introduce participants to microtubule dynamics, protein waves in prokaryotes, and a framework of non-linear dynamics describing these phenomena. This event caters to young researchers with an interest in these and similar phenomena. Lectures and talks are given by local and invited experimentalists and theoreticians who are experts in these fields. There will also be a posters session and 10min. poster talks.

Posters are welcome on one of the topics above that is:
  1. protein waves in prokaryotes.
  2. microtubule dynamics.
  3. non-linear dynamics relating to pattern-formation and waves.

Program:    Program as of May 6

Participants:    Participants as of May 21


Local organizers:  Axel HundingDepartment of ChemistryUniversity of Copenhagen , and  Henrik FlyvbjergMaterials Research DepartmentRisø National Laboratory .

Sponsors:  Graduate School in Nonlinear Science   and   Graduate School of Biophysics

Inquiries and Registration:

 Axel Hunding , Dept. of Chemistry, H.C.Ørsted Institute, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 35 32 02 23, Fax: +45 35 32 02 59, e-mail:, group home page:  


Axel Hunding May 21, 2002