Axel Hunding.

Associate professor (`lektor') in chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

  • We are members of the EU network of excellence: `` Biosimulation - A New Tool in Drug Development''.
    Also, we are members of `` FUNCDYN (Functional dynamics in Complex Chemical and Biological Systems),
    a Research Networking Programme under the European Science Foundation (ESF).
    Formerly, we were members of a European Science Foundation (ESF) Collaborative Research Programme:
    REACTOR: Nonlinear Chemistry in Complex Reactors: Models and Experiments

    Earlier, we have been members of the Danish Natural Science Research Council (SNF) initiative on Functional Dynamics in Complex Biosystems.
    Participating groups:
    Department of Chemistry, Univ. of Copenhagen. Staff: Axel Hunding, Finn Hynne, Preben Graae Sorensen
    Institute of Biochemistry, Southern Danish University. Staff: Lars Folke Olsen.
    Institute of Physics, Technical University of Denmark. Staff: Erik Mosekilde, Carsten Knudsen.
    Department of Medical Physiology, Univ. of Copenhagen. Staff: Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou.

    Even earlier, our group was connected to Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies (CATS), established by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (SNF) October 1993. This center consisted of groups from the Niels Bohr Institute/Nordita KU, Department of Chemistry (H. C. Oersted Institute, KU) and Physics Department, The Technical University of Denmark.

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