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If you want to contribute to g77 by doing research, design, specification, documentation, coding, or testing, the following information should give you some ideas. More relevant information might be available from @uref{ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/g77/projects/}.

Improve Efficiency

Don't bother doing any performance analysis until most of the following items are taken care of, because there's no question they represent serious space/time problems, although some of them show up only given certain kinds of (popular) input.

Better Optimization

Much of this work should be put off until after g77 has all the features necessary for its widespread acceptance as a useful F77 compiler. However, perhaps this work can be done in parallel during the feature-adding work.

Simplify Porting

Making g77 easier to configure, port, build, and install, either as a single-system compiler or as a cross-compiler, would be very useful.

More Extensions

These extensions are not the sort of things users ask for "by name", but they might improve the usability of g77, and Fortran in general, in the long run. Some of these items really pertain to improving g77 internals so that some popular extensions can be more easily supported.

Machine Model

This items pertain to generalizing g77's view of the machine model to more fully accept whatever the GBE provides it via its configuration.

Internals Documentation

Better info on how g77 works and how to port it is needed. Much of this should be done only after the redesign planned for 0.6 is complete.

See section Front End, which contains some information on g77 internals.

Internals Improvements

Some more items that would make g77 more reliable and easier to maintain:

Better Diagnostics

These are things users might not ask about, or that need to be looked into, before worrying about. Also here are items that involve reducing unnecessary diagnostic clutter.

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